The top harvesting equipment used by farmers

Harvesting is main and the ultimate part of farming where you start gathering your crops once they are ripe and ready to use. After sawing and taking care of the crops you have to harvest all the crops from the fields. With the advanced technology there are many harvesting equipment in India that can be used by farmers for harvesting which can simplify their work and get best results. Unlike traditional method these harvesting tools does no take much time and also less effort is needed for the same.

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Here are some of the top harvesting equipment in India that are used by most of the farmers.

Vertical Conveyor Reaper

Vertical Conveyor Reaper is one of the top tools for harvesting which is a self-propelled riding where this machine is mainly used to harvest crops like cereals and oil seeds such as wheat, rice, paddy, soybean and many more. The price of this product is around I,20,000INR.

Mounted Tractor

Mounted Tractor is also one to top tools for harvesting that is used by most of the farmers. This Mounted Tractor is a vertical conveyor reaper that is used for windrowing and to harvest crops like wheat and paddy. The price of this equipment is around 45,000INR.

Combine Harvester

This combine mounter harvester is also the top choice by many farmers to harvest their crops. This combine harvester tractor is used for many activities such as cutting, winnowing and cleaning all the cereals plus other crops too. The price of this equipment is around 12 to 14 lakhs in India.

Reaper Binder

This is also a self-propelled reaper binder that is also one of the top choices by most of the farmers. This tool can harvest plus bind the crops in a single process, also there is a cutter for harvesting in the same machine. The prices of this equipment are around 2 lakhs.

These are some of the best harvesting equipment that is used by most of the farmers. Now a day the demand for the product is more but the supply is less. So, these equipment’s can help you in clearing the fields quickly where you easily break the soil and bear up the new seeds for next farming. We hope you got the info you searched for. Keep visiting to not miss the next article related to harvesting, agriculture or organic farming. Do share you views on the same.

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